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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

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Educational Qualification :

University Degree Year
Shivaji University Phd 2012
Shivaji University ME 2006
Shivaji University BE 2002

Date of Joining : 04/07/2003

Experience : 18 year:9 month

Experience :

Sr. No Organisation Designation From Date To Date Years of Experience
1 Vishwakarma Institute Of technology Associate professor 05-Jul-2003 25-Apr-2022 18

Professional Contribution :

  1. PhD coordinator

  2. PG coordinator

  3. internship coordinator

  4. Phd coordinator

  5. TY B 21-22 sem ITY D 21-22 sem II

  6. Institute PhD coordinator

  7. Institute PhD coordinator

  8. Institute PG coordinator

  9. Internship Coordinator

Invited Talks :

Sr. No Name Description Type Role From Date To Date
1 FDP on Artificial Intelligence and Generative Models 5 days FDP conducted Online FDP Participated 15-Jan-2024 21-Jan-2024
2 NEP 2020 orientation and Sensitization Program Programme held during 1 - 14 November, 2023. This workshop was organised by theMalaviya Mission Centre of the Astronomy Centre for Educators of IUCAA. FDP Participated 01-Nov-2023 14-Nov-2023

International Journal:

  1. Smart fuel level indicator with automatic fuel station navigation system ,International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET),123
  2. SOLDIER STRAP OF LOCATION DETECTION AND HEALTH MONITOR ,International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews,123
  3. Structural Design of Underwater Drone using Brushless DC Motor ,International Journal for Research in Applied Science ,123

International Conference:

  1. Classification of Product Reviews using Sentiment Analysis on dataset generated using Web scraping ,1st international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (ICAIDS - 2022) ,122
  2. Design of a cost-effective Smart Mirror using Raspberry Pi ,2023 International Conference for Advancement in Technology (ICONAT) ,123
  3. Digital Platform for Tourism Asset Management by Local Governments ,INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING SCIENCES (ICCS-2023),123
  4. Design and development of prosthetic hand with customizable grip ,International Joint Conference on computing science,123
  5. Generation of Royalty-Free Images with NLP-Based Text Encoding and Generative adversarial networks ,14th International Conference on Computing Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT),123
  6. Exploring Enhanced Localization Techniques: LIDAR-SLAM for Mobile Robots ,Global Conference on Information Technologies and Communications (GCITC-2023),123
  7. Automatic Conversion of Broadcasted Football Match Recordings to its 2D Top View ,Artificial intelligence and knowledge processing(AIKP 2023),123
  8. Design of I2C to SPI code converter using Verilog ,4th International Conference on VLSI, Signal Processing, Power Electronics, IoT, Communication & Embedded Systems,123
  9. Skin Cancer Classification and Detection Using VGG-19 and DesNet ,International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Networks and Security, ICCINS 2023,,123
  10. Enhancing Social Media Security: LSTM-Based Deep Fake Video Detection in ,9thInternational Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT),124
  11. Real Time Alert System based on Crime Area Mapping ,9thInternational Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT),124
  12. Psyche-Care: Redifining Therapy Using AI ,"International Conference on Emerging Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity (ICAMC-2024)",124
  13. VisionBlend Empowering Object Recognition for the Visually Impaired ,International Conference on Electronics, Communication, Computing and Control Technology (ICECCC 2024),124
  14. Development of Electronic System for Data Acquisition of FSAE Vehicle ,International Conference on Ambient Intelligence, Knowledge Informatics and Industrial Electronics (AIKIIE-2023),124

Book Chapter:

  1. Analyzing the Performance: B-trees vs. Red-Black Trees with Caching Strategies ,Advancements in Smart Computing and Information Security,124

Research Grant / Funded Projects :

  1. Design and development of Modular, Reconfigurable Unmanned Arial system(UAS) for Scalable, True Multirole Capability

Patents :

  1. Cloud driven IoT based system for prevention of Locust Attack

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