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Chemical Engineering

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Educational Qualification :

University Degree Year
Bharati Vidyapeeth University Phd 2024
Savitribai Phule Pune University ME 2010
Vikram University BE 2000

Date of Joining : 09/07/2010

Experience : 25 year:4 month

Experience :

Sr. No Organisation Designation From Date To Date Years of Experience
1 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune - 20-May-2022 11
2 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune Assistant Professor 10-Jul-2010 - 13
3 NA 0 25-May-2022 - 0

Professional Contribution :

  1. TY B div

  2. TY B

  3. Exam co-ordinator

  4. ISO

  5. Timetable coordinator

  6. BOS

  7. Feedback coordinator

  8. Exam coordinator

  9. Timetable coordinator

  10. ISO Coordinator

  11. Feedback Coordinator

  12. Lab Incharge

  13. TY B Div

  14. BOS

Invited Talks :

Sr. No Name Description Type Role From Date To Date
1 ASPEN Workshop Five days workshop organized in the department Workshop organizing member 13-Mar-2023 17-Mar-2023

International Journal:

  1. Degradation of Tartrazine Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation-Based Hybrid Techniques and Fenton Chemistry ,Chemical engineering and Technology,122
  2. Study Of Degradation Of Acid Violet 7 Dye Using Oxidising Agents And Ultrasonication ,Energy Nexus,123
  3. BIOPLASTIC PRODUCTION FROM CORN AND POTATO STARCH ,Environmental Science and Pollution Research,123
  4. Hydrodynamic cavitation and its hybridization with Fenton process as a promising AOP for dairy wastewater treatment ,Material today proceeding,124
  5. Troubleshooting Foaming in Membrane Bioreactor: Review of Foam Analysis, Causes and Remedies ,International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE),121
  6. Degradation of neomycin using hydrodynamic cavitation based hybrid techniques ,Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification ,123

National Conference:

  1. Simulation of Direct and Indirect Method of DME Synthesis from Syngas Using COFE Software ,Advances in Materials and Design (NCMEAMD-2022),122
  2. A Review on Various Methods for Removing Arsenic from Wastewater ,Mechanical Engineering Conference NCMEAMD-2022,122

International Conference:

  1. Hydrodynamic Cavitation- A Promising Technology For Water Treatment ,Advances in Water Treatment and Managemen,123
  2. Study of degradation of acid violet seven dye using oxidising agentand ultrasonication ,ICAWTH,123
  3. Hydrodynamic Cavitation as a promising AOP for Dairy Wastewater Treatment ,International conference,123

National Journal:

  1. Sewage Treatment Process for household purposes ,Journal of data acquisition and processing,123

Patents :

  1. E-Waste Recycling using Chemical Dissolution in different solvents

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