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Chemical Engineering

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Educational Qualification :

University Degree Year
POSTECH, South Korea Phd 2013
Mumbai University-Institute of Chemical Technology(Autonomous) Phd 2010
Mumbai University-Institute of Chemical Technology(Autonomous) ME 2004
Dr B. A. T. U. Lonere BE 2002

Date of Joining : 04/08/2015

Experience : 12 year:7 month

Experience :

Sr. No Organisation Designation From Date To Date Years of Experience
1 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Assistant Professor 14-Feb-2011 31-May-2012 1
2 POSTEC South Korea Postdoctoral Fellow 14-Jun-2012 31-Aug-2013 1
3 Bharati Vidyapeeth University Associate Professor 02-Dec-2013 04-Aug-2015 1
4 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Assistant Professor 05-Aug-2015 - 8

Professional Contribution :

  1. Third year Chemical Engg

  2. TY Chemical Engg

  3. CHESA student activity Coordinator

  4. CHESA student coordinator

  5. SY Class teacher

  6. Member of Board of studies of Department of Chemical Engineering

  7. CHESA faculty coordinator

  8. Assistant Head Research Department of Chemical Engineering

  9. Website Coordinator Dept of Chemical Engineering

  10. EDI department coordinator

  11. Assistant Head to Dean Faculty development

  12. CHESA student chapter faculty coordinator

  13. Assistant Head Research

  14. BOS members

  15. EDI Coordinator

  16. Internship Coordinator

  17. Department website coordinator

  18. assisted for FDP on Aspen plus

  19. Extension activites waste management awareness program at BMS school Kondhwa

International Journal:

  1. Study of thermally coupled distillation systems for energy-efficient distillation ,Sadhana,117
  2. ANN modelling of hydrodynamic cavitation for the degradation of Rhodamine B dye ,Journal water process engineering,122
  3. ANN modelling of Hydrodynamic Cavitation for the degradation of Rhodamine B dye ,Journal of Water Process Engineering,123
  4. Utilization of low cost biofertilizers for adsorptive removal of Congo red dye ,Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology,123
  5. Adsorption Of Coralene N. Blue S2G Dye by using Sand ,Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering,123
  6. Adsorption of Dye Using Sand as an Adsorbent ,Journal of Cleaner Production,123
  7. Environmental Science and Pollution Research ,Environmental Science and Pollution Research,123
  8. A Study on Natural antifoulants and Ecofriendly fouling release coatings Techniques: A Review ,IJCRT,122
  9. Ultrasound assited synthesis of PANI/ZnMoO4 nanocomposite for simultaneousimprovement in anticorrosion, physico-chemical properties and its application in gas sensing ,Ultrasonics sonochemistry,115
  10. Novel multistage solid–liquid circulating fluidized bed: liquid phase mixing characteristics ,PARTICULATE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY,118
  11. Adsorptive removal of unsaturated fatty acids using ion exchange resins ,Journal of Chemical ,120

International Conference:

  1. Application of mechanical sand reclaimed fines as adsorbent for textile waste water treatment ,ICAWTM,122
  2. Extraction of cobalt metal from spent lithium ion batteries using DES ,ACMS,122

Research Grant / Funded Projects :

  1. Synthesis gas with gasificaton of MSW
  2. Syngas from MSW waste solid

Patents :

  1. Novel Ammonia absorption refrigeration system using solar steam as heat source

Consultancy :

  1. Gyan Jyoti program for skill upgradtaion of Cipla Employees
  2. Piping Engneering professional course

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