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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

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Educational Qualification :

University Degree Year
Savitribai Phule Pune University Phd 2023
Savitribai Phule Pune University BE 2006
Savitribai Phule Pune University ME 2006

Date of Joining : 11/07/2007

Experience : 19 year:1 month

Experience :

Sr. No Organisation Designation From Date To Date Years of Experience
1 Perfect Electronics ,Wai, Satara Production Engineer 01-Aug-2001 01-Nov-2004 3
2 Pad. Dr.D.Y.Patil Institute of Engineering Lecturer 06-Jun-2006 08-Jul-2007 1
3 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Pune Assistant Professor 12-Jul-2007 22-Apr-2022 14

Professional Contribution :

  1. Final Year class teacher in both semester 2021-22(Sem 1

  2. Time table Coordinator

  3. Academic group committee member

  4. Antariksh

  5. Annual Dead stock verification

  6. Worked for PhD admission

  7. Worked for conference at E

  8. For 2022-23(Sem 1 and 2)

  9. Time table Coordinator(A.Y.2022-23 Sem 1 and 2)

  10. Antariksha Team (Faculty Mentor)

  11. BTech ET B

  12. Academic group member

  13. NBA work

  14. In A.Y.2023-24 (Sem 1) ,TY ET C class teacher

  15. Academic committee member (A.Y.2023-24 Sem 1)

  16. Time table Coordinator (A.Y.2023-24 Sem 1)

  17. Working as a Assistant Head Research

  18. Antariksha club faculty incharge

International Journal:

  1. "Human Following ,Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology,121
  2. AQI Monitoring And Predicting System ,IEEE International Conference of Emerging Smart Computing and Informatics (ESCI-2023),123
  3. Cloud based Single Shot Detector Model for Speed Breaker Detection ,5th International Conference on Emerging Smart Computing ,123
  4. Exploring Enhanced Localization Techniques: LIDAR- SLAM for Mobile Robots ,Global Conference on Information Technologies and Communications (GCITC) 1 st – 3 rd Dec, 2023,123
  5. Human Activity Recognition using Smartphones ,International Conference on Engineering ,122
  6. Ripeness Detector for Vegetables and Fruits ,Second International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (CONIT)),Hubballi, Karnataka, India,122
  8. Energy Theft Detection System ,International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology,122
  9. Smart System for Crop Irrigation ,International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology,122
  10. Smart Helmet ,International Journal for Research in Applied Science ,122
  11. Driver Drowsiness Detection System using Raspberry Pi ,International Journal for Research in Applied Science ,122
  12. Smart Lugage Systems ,International Journal for Research in Applied Science ,122
  13. Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System ,International Journal for Research in Applied Science ,122
  14. OSS/BSS Product Configurations Challenges ,International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts,122
  15. Mobile Phone Detection and Notification for The Prevention of Car Accidents ,International Journal for Research in Applied Science ,122
  16. Literature Review of ERP Systems Implementation Challenges ,International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews,122

National Conference:

  1. FireLens: A Deep Learning Solution for Wildfire Identification ,ESCI-2024 AISSMS IOIT PUNE International Conference on Emerging Smart Computing ,124
  2. Comprehensive Fire Safety Solutions with Automated Response Mechanism ,IEEE 5th INCET 2024,124

International Conference:

  1. Mobile Phone Detection and Alcohol Detection with Engine Locking for the Prevention of Car Accidents External Inbox ,International conference on Digital applicationTransformations and Economy,123
  2. Mobile phone detection and alcohol detection with engine locking for the prevention of car accidents. ,2023 International Conference on Digital Applications, Transformation & Economy (ICDATE),123
  3. A Comparative Study of Power Optimization Techniques for Microcontroller based IoT Applications ,International Conference on Advances in Electrical, Computing, Communications and Sustainable Technologies (ICAECT 2024) held at Shankaracharya Technical Campus (SSTC),Bhilai, Chattisgarh, India during 11-12 January 2024,123
  4. Diabetic Retinopathy Detection: EfficientNet with SAP BTP ,IEEE IATMSI-2024,124
  5. Bidirectional Sign Language Assistant with MediaPipe Integration , ESCI 2024 to be held at AISSMS IOIT, Pune,124
  6. Multimodal Sentiment Analysis: Integrating Text and Image-based Approaches ,2024 IEEE International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Communications(InC4),124
  7. NOVEL MECHANIZED MULTIPLE INPUT COMPARATOR ,7th International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies.,124
  8. Design and Performance Evaluation of a Pressure Swing Zeolite Oxygen Concentrator ,7th International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies.,124
  9. Innovative Warfare: Designing Intelligent Vests for Enhanced Military Operations ,7th International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies,124
  10. Result Paper on Sign Language to Text Conversion Using Python ,International Conference on Engineering,122
  11. Sun Tracking Solar panel using Ardino ,International Conference on Innovation in Energy Engineering and cleaner production,123

  1. Received Certificate of Appreciation For Patents Published-Granted
  2. Received Certificate of Appreciation For Paper publication

Patents :

  2. Comprehensive Fire Safety Solutions with Automated Response Mechanism
  3. Design and development of Bicopter Drone for Surveillance.

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