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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

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Educational Qualification :

University Degree Year
SRTMU Nanded Phd 2019
SRTMU Nanded ME 2004
SRTMU Nanaded BE 2002

Date of Joining : 13/07/2004

Experience : 17 year:9 month

Experience :

Sr. No Organisation Designation From Date To Date Years of Experience
1 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Assistant Professor 14-Jul-2004 23-Apr-2022 17

Professional Contribution :

  1. Administration

  2. BOS Member

  3. Doctoral Scrutiny Committee Member

  4. NBA Criteria Coordinator Criteria 4

  5. Assistant Head Administration

  6. BOS Member

  7. ACAP Admission

  8. DCS

  9. NBA Criteria Coordinator

  10. Assistant Head Admiration

  11. Department Web Site Updation

Invited Talks :

Sr. No Name Description Type Role From Date To Date
1 Emerging Technological Trends in Industry Keeping oneself up with technology trends is a need of today’s world. The technology is constantly evolving and staying up to date with latest trends can help any professional stay competitive in the technical community. Emerging technologies have brought in paradigm shift not only in the industrial environment but also in the educational sector. FDP Coordinator 11-Mar-2024 17-Mar-2024
2 Artificial Intelligence and Generative Models Generative models LLM FDP Participated 15-Jan-2024 21-Jan-2024
3 Recent Trends in Computing 3.0 Organized by Dept. of Computer Engineering FDP Participated 09-Oct-2023 15-Oct-2023

International Journal:

  1. Patient Monitoring And Assistance Device ,NA,123
  2. Voice-Based Brand Identification for Mobile Devices ,Advanced Technologies ,123
  3. Terrarium Caretaker ,ICDSA,123
  4. Combining Shape of Trajectories with MHI and their Directional Derivative-Based Description for Human Activity Recognition ,International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering,124
  5. ATMOS: Advanced Traffic Management and Optimizing System ,Journal of Computer Engineering,122
  6. The Motion-Activated Picture Capture, Animal Detection, and Alert System ,International Journal for Research in Applied Science ,124
  7. Wi-Fi Based Multipurpose Agri-bot ,IJRASET,124

International Conference:

  1. Sign Language Recognitionusing Hand Gestures for Specially Abled users using Deep Learning ,nternational Conference on Advances in Data Science and Computing Technologies (ADSC-2022,122
  2. Shadow Detection and Tracking in Video ,IEEE PuneCOn,122
  3. Developing Complex Full Stack Java-Based Spring Cloud Applications ,2022 IEEE 2ND Asian Conference on Innovation in Technology,122
  4. SoundMind: A Machine Learning and Web-Based Application for Depression Detection and Cure ,ICMIB-2023,124
  5. NLP and Deep Learning Based POS Tagging and Blank Prediction Assistant , IEEE 8th International Conference for Convergence in Technology,123
  6. IoT Based IV Pole Monitoring System ,8th I2CT 2023,123
  7. Wireless Weather Station Using LoRa Module ,ICTIS 2023,123
  8. : Visual AI for Satellite Imagery Perspective: A Visual Question Answering Framework in the Geospatial Domain ,“IEEE 2023 8th International Conference for Convergence in Technology,123
  9. Iot based Position Tracking and fitness Monitoring System ,ICSIE,123
  10. AI Powered Multilingual Meeting Summarization ,International Conference on Confluence The Next Generation Information Technology Summit (Confluence),124
  11. Smart blind Stick Object Detection and GPS Integration for Enhanced Mobility ,ICICIT 2024,124
  12. Oil Spill Image Classification: Comparative Analysis of Alternative Approaches ,EEE Third International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems,124
  13. “Arduino Uno-Based Adaptive Parking System." ,ICICT 2024,124
  14. Health care chatbot ,ICONIC 2K24.,124
  15. Canine Guard: A Novel Canine Repellent System Using Ultrasonic Wave Modulation ,International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Cybersecurity (ISCS),124
  16. Machine Learning-Based Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Iris Texture Feature Extraction ,IC4S'05 ,124
  17. AUTOMATED DIVIDER PAINTING SYSTEM" ,4th International Conference on Computer Vision and Robotics,124
  18. Smart Blind Stick Object Detection and GPS Integration for Enhanced Mobility ,ICICIT,124
  19. A Piezoelectric based platform for energy harvesting ,World Congress on Smart Computing,124
  20. Calender Application that Messages Event Appointment ,ICIAEM,124
  21. AeroMag Detect: Intelligent Drone System for Magnetic Anomaly Identification ,International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Smart Systems ,124
  22. A Systematic Design of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Surveillance Applications ,International Conference on Engineering ,122
  23. Server-Based Universal Bank Chatbot ,ICETE 2023,123
  24. Vehicle accident prevention on mountain roads ,Advanced Technologies ,123
  25. Unidirectional Parametric Speaker ,Data Science and Advanced Computing (ICDSAC 2023),123
  27. : IoT Based Transformer Monitoring System ,ICTIS 2023,123

Research Grant / Funded Projects :

  1. Enhancing Multi-Object Tracking for Indian Environments: Algorithms, Optimization, and Dataset Development"

Patents :

  1. Electronic System for Vehicle Skid Prevention

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